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Mozambique Government allocated almost triple number of housing plots in 2018

Mozambique Government allocated almost triple number of housing plots in 2018

Last year, the Mozambican government granted 19,818 housing plots, 12,959 more than in 2017 and almost tripling that year’s total.

Access to housing is still a major concern in Mozambique, writes O País, especially for the young, who also swell the numbers of unemployed in the country (40% of young people do not have a formal job, according to the United Nations).

The reality contrasts with the efforts of the Mozambican government, which in 2018, allocated more plots in an attempt to reverse the scenario. Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources figures which “O País” has seen indicate that a total of 19,818 plots were allocated last year, compared to only 6,859 in 2017.

However, the major problem, according to the United Nations, is the limited ability to actually build a house, in addition to the fact that the houses built by the government’s Fund for Housing Development (FFH) cost too much for most Mozambicans.

Last November, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Housing Development, Zefanias Chitsungo, agreed that building one’s own home was an indispensable component in solving the housing problem facing most of the country’s youth.

Chitsungo said that strategies to address the issue would involve the promotion of housing in rural areas, the production of building materials and development of technologies, resources and financing.

Other possible solutions, he said, were public investment, encouraging the private sector, supporting social housing associations, diversifying sources of financing, stimulating youth construction initiatives and developing building techniques based on local materials.


Source: Club of Mozambique

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