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FFH and the Chinese CITIC close partnership for construction of 35,000 Houses from 2020

FFH and the Chinese CITIC close partnership for construction of 35,000 Houses from 2020

The Mozambican government has launched an ambitious project to build 35,000 homes for youth and government officials. “Controlled-cost housing,” an official jargon used to designate affordable homes, will be built next year across the country, with 15,000 in the south, 10,000 in the center, and 10,000 in the north.

One of the problems of housing projects has to do with the selling prices of houses that exceed the average salary of the target public. On this point, the Minister of Public Works and Housing assured that the negotiations cautioned that house prices did not exceed the financial capacity of future beneficiaries.

And the average prices were presented by the PCF of the FFH: The houses will cost between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars. Translated for meticais and at the exchange rate for the day, prices range between 1,800,000 and 2,400,000 meticais, paid in monthly installments. “It’s a long-term payment modality. The idea is to make the houses as accessible as possible, “said Armindo Munguambe, without specifying the payment deadlines and the location of the projects in the three regions of the country.

In fact, the project presented this Wednesday is still under study, a work that should take another 12 months. “It is a large-scale project that includes the construction of roads, the provision of water, energy and all the necessary social infrastructure.”

It is only after the studies that the proponents are going to present the total cost of the “35,000-house project” which, if implemented, will be the government’s biggest commitment to housing. As the minister himself who oversaw the sector said, “housing is a human dignity issue, but it is also a means of building a new future and a new hope.”


Source: O Pais

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