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Renascer Project launched in Manhiça

Renascer Project launched in Manhiça

The fact arises under the Habita Mozambique Program, which aims to build housing at controlled costs in urban and rural areas, on the land of the beneficiaries themselves, using construction materials that meet the requirements of sustainability, resilience and availability.

The nationwide project is aimed at the low income population, and in a first phase, it is planned to build 300 evolutionary houses in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Maputo, and in our province 100 houses will be built in the Municipality from Vila da Manhiça, in the Cambeve (50 houses) and Balucuane (50 houses) neighborhoods, as they are infrastructure areas of expansion, with allocated plots, and primarily focused on civil servants and young people beginning their careers.

Urban houses evolve from T-0 (23 m2) to T-3 (73 m2), with T-0 being built by the Fund for Housing Promotion, in the amount of 667,766.53MT, payable over 20 years in installments monthly payment of 2,782.36MT, interest rate of 0%, and the evolution to T-3 will be built by the beneficiary himself.

For this purpose, the Government will provide around 230 million Meticais / year for the construction and inspection of houses.

It should be noted that João Osvaldo Machatine, Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, officially launched the RENASCER Project and witnessed the act, Vitória Dias Diogo, Secretary of State in Maputo Province, Cristina Mafumo, District Administrator da Manhiça, Luís Munguambe, President of the Municipality of Vila da Manhiça, Armindo Munguambe, PCA of the Fund for the Promotion of Housing, Octávio Chicoco, Provincial Director of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Members and Councilors of the District Governments and Municipality of Manhiça , pictures of the Housing Promotion Fund, personalities and guests from the District of Manhiça.

Source: Maputo Provincial Government Portal

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